If you believe that you have energy leakage or air leaks in your home, you can rest assured that our experienced thermal imaging experts can find it.

Thermal imaging allows our professional technician  to view the infrared energy that is emitted, transmitted, and reflected by an object. This is done using a device called a thermal imaging camera. These cameras are used for leak detection and will display images represented by temperature, allowing us to see the areas of your home that are leaking energy due to, weather-stripping, insulation, etc.

After performing thermal imaging in your home, you will then know where the problem areas are, and which areas are losing the most energy. Here at Attic Stars, we will provide you with a detailed report that will show to you the areas in your home which are losing energy. We will suggest improvements that will help make your home more energy-efficient. Call us today for free estimate 1-(800) 804-8171.