Your attic or crawl space creates a great home for these pests and vermin if they can find a way in. Some mice can even burrow into a hole as small an one inch! They will not hesitate to make nests out of your home causing structural damage and weakening the foundation. Mice and rats also carry diseases and insects that could be harmful to your families health.

Our team can take care of the entire process of the rodent removal job, down to completely cleaning and decontaminating the attic after the rodent removal is performed. Our attic rodent cleanup process involves removing all feces and any dead rodents, and the attic will then be subjected to our rodent proofing procedure to make sure that no more rodents can gain access to your attic area. It is important that this is done in a way which preserves the attic’s air flow so that moisture does not build up in the attic – this can cause damage to the attic as well, and can result in mold or mildew forming on the wood and in the insulation. During the attic rodent cleanup we will thoroughly check to make sure there is no mold or mildew present.  Call us today for free estimate 1-(800) 804-8171.