Crawl spaces under homes can create enormous headaches for homeowners. A crawl space is susceptible to moisture and deterioration problems. Because the soil has high humidity, a crawl space naturally becomes damp, as the crawl space is in direct contact with the soil. Damp environments are unhealthy, harboring mold and creating an ideal living space for pests.

We install vapor barrier in crawl spaces to help keep moisture in the ground and away from your home’s living space. Spray foam insulation can also be installed in crawl spaces to insulate the crawl space and maintain a consistent temperature.

Creating a consistent temperature in a crawl space helps maintain a consistent temperature in the home. Installing spray foam insulation in a crawl space also creates an additional air barrier, preventing unhealthy air from leaving the crawl space and entering the home. Contact us today for your free estimate 1-(800) 804-8171.